By Prinesh Pillay

LEAP, in keeping with its mission to service SMME’s on the growth path, LEAP has unique offerings that SMME’s can access through products like our Bolster Programme, our innovative 24/7 telephonic business assistance. Through this service, one of the most popular offerings are the discounts the SMME’s can redeem through Bolster. We give you a behind the scenes snapshot of how we get deals for our SMME’s.

Leap have been innovating and refining the selection and recruitment of Product Partners in 2016.We have our ear close to the ground and we listen to the needs of business owners. Our Product partners are hand selected to assist our SMME clients to save on their bottom line.

The criteria to become a product partner is a stringent process. Our Business Development and Product Manager, Prinesh Pillay explains “Our reputation is grounded in excellence and our product partners play a role in delivering this excellence.  In cases where more than one supplier applies to partner with us, we allocate points to the potential partner and the company with the most points is selected. Once you are on board, there are a number of Key Performance Areas (KPA’s) that need to be adhered to that secures the companies continuity on our system”

Unique negotiation by the product team at LEAP has allowed us to secure rates that amount to more than 20% on most of our deals. “Our modus operandi is crystal clear to all our partners. The vision is to assist our clientele by providing them with innovative solutions so that they become a sustainable business and not become a statistic of SMME failures. We endeavour to make the everyday expenses of the business more manageable and watch the SMME thrive in this ever-changing economic climate.” says Petra Rees (MD of LEAP).

One of our unique offerings is Aramex (An Internationally-renowned Courier Company). They offer us/ our clients 53% off nationwide deliveries!

Our Marketing team asked for a Scenario of how the discount could work for you the customer:

“Let’s look at a florist, whose deliveries of their product amounted to R25000 p/m. The florist signed up to our Bolster programme and was then eligible for the 53% discount. That expense is now R11750 p/m. A R250 pm INVESTMENT to the Bolster Programme and a R13250 saving pm”

We have a number of platforms in which our vouchers/discounts can be redeemed. There is constant research and development on the User Interface / Redemptions. We aim to make the process of redeeming our amazing deals easier with the latest technology available.

One such redemption method is being utilised in the new Standard Bank Ucount Business Rewards programme.  We are the backbone of the platform for Business Support. Our discount vouchers are displayed on the screen for the user to simply click on. Once the voucher is clicked on an automatic email is sent off to the service provider and LEAP consultants. These vouchers are tracked until the deal is happily redeemed by the client.

At LEAP, innovation and solution-mindedness for the sole purpose of ensuring SMME’s thrive everyday is our lifeblood. We look forward to many more years of service to the SMME’s of South Africa