3 Things you should know about SROI

3 Things you should know about SROI (Social Return on Investment)

1) It can be a tangible output for what your project aims at.


By using LEAP’s 3M principles of SROI assessment Map, Measure, and Monitor y you are able to provide a substantial and tangible report indicating the impact of your investment.

2) It sets the scene for the rest of your project.


A comprehensive SROI plan will assist planning you project by taking account of all stakeholders and variables within your project. Without a doubt this will help you gain a solid overall view of your project giving you the confidence to proceed with all boxes checked. LEAP’s capable SROI team can assist with SROI planning.

3) It is a viable approach to measuring the extent to which social impacts are being achieved through E&SD programmes.


SROI can provide meaningful and focused investment into your supply chain. !) SROI will assess the effectiveness of your supply chain by measuring progress. 2) Measuring impact can help you correct unplanned consequences. 3) Measuring social return on investment reveals otherwise perhaps unseen success: Sing when you win. 4) Measuring, mapping and reporting your ROI allows you to demonstrate you impact to your investors. 5) Having a secure reporting system allows you to secure the sustainability of your supply chain. 6) You can quantify the change when calculating your returns.

For more advice or info about conducting your own SROI project get hold of Talisa at LEAP at 011 449 7074.