5 Ways to grow your business with an ESD programme

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) makes up the largest single allocation on the BEE scorecard (40 points), a carefully strategised ESD programme can, and should see a return on investment for your own business. ESD effectively forces companies to invest money into the development of SME’s and it is therefore logical for a business to invest this money into companies that can add something to your own value chain in one way or another. It is both an investment in your own business and in meaningful transformation.

The ESD strategy that you choose will have different returns for your business depending on the goals that you want to achieve. A well-structured ESD programme can help a sponsor to;

  • create efficiency in your supply chain,
  • improve your procurement points,
  • develop your demand chain,
  • access new markets
  • deal with internal capacity or operational issues in the business (& localisation targets)

LEAP aim’s to derive value for both the measured entity as well as the beneficiary company by building a tailor-made programme for both parties.

The scope of a programme will vary depending on the required outcomes, strategy and resources available and therefore we do not offer a one-size-fits-all template.

LEAP programmes are built around the philosophy of capacity building for beneficiary companies where they need support and in context of the broader goals of the programme. The success of our programmes lie in the use of proprietary systems, best practice business-development tools, qualified mentors, business consultants, partners & staff. We endeavour to weave a golden thread between your broader transformation journey and create sustainable impact which may also require broader collaboration in your industry ecosystem. We provide strategic advisory to corporates, tailored business support to SMEs and manage ESD loans.