A Basket of Benefits, courtesy of the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa(& LEAP of course)

By Genevieve Joseph & Happy Basket of Benefits members

The TGCSA’s Basket of Benefits (BoB) initiative was introduced in 2014 in response to multiple requests from a wide range of service providers who, understanding the power of group buying, wanted to offer incentives to graded establishments. The TGCSA collated these supplier incentives and uploaded them onto a purpose designed website which is regularly updated with the latest pre-negotiated deals and specials.

The TGCSA’s BoB vary from procurement and recruitment assistance to linking establishments to the market and consumers as well as business and legal advice. The assistance varies from complex business matters to simple advice, as some graded establishments share below.

A Wow Review from a Wow House…

The WOW House of Friends had been struggling to access funding to repay creditors for quite a while. The situation escalated to the point where creditors started repossessing some of the establishment’s assets. Through the partnership with RainFin, the BoB provided the business with access to fast, easy and flexible financing with low interest rates and fees via an online loan application.

 “Your service is great and you have been very supportive” – Suzanne, WOW House of Friends


A Refreshing Review…

Mariette, owner of the Port of Call Bed & Breakfast, had been looking for a quality air conditioner for one of her rooms but her establishment is situated in a remote area meaning that suppliers could not install it. The BoB procurement adviser was able to source a decent supplier and installer for her establishment.

“We have had excellent service through the entire process working with this vendor.  He took trouble coming out to thoroughly investigate the job before providing us with an accurate and reasonable quotation.  It was a difficult spec, but he provided a solution that is working quite well.  The job was done excellently and his team left the premises spotless.  He also worked extremely well with the electrician that assisted with this job. I will recommend this vendor to anybody.” – Paul and Mariette


Food for Thought…

JJ from Ramabisi Bed & Breakfast had already used the BoB service three times and was well aware of the benefits. During one particular instance, he was looking to employ an intern chef. The BoB recruitment facility advised him to register as a recruiter on EmploySA. This was so successful that in the end, JJ  ended up partnering with a local chef school to fill this need.

“The nice thing is that I can use the service at any time” – JJ