Another successful completion of the Smartprocurement Expo at the Gallagher Convention Centre this year!

Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) is meaningful if successful links to procurement are achieved – in that procurement is able to shift their buying needs to black owned competent businesses. Therefore, access to markets is absolutely critical in any ESD programme deliverables. At LEAP, we strongly live by that principle! We believe that access to business opportunities is the lifeline of any business whether a start–up, growing or a mature one. We all need leads in order to create, build and deliver quality services! Smartprocurement is one of those access to markets opportunities that is not to be missed. This year over 3 500 delegates attended the expo, a record year, and so those who came under the LEAP’s banner received a wonderful exposure. A number of procurement representatives from various companies and industries could enquire about the services and products straight from the entrepreneurs themselves. Our method is meticulously planned in order to give the SMMEs maximum exposure at the event. 

Proof is in the proverbial pudding, so when we receive an email from one of the attending beneficiaries (see below) we know that we are providing meaningful assistance to our SMMEs.

“On behalf of kVA Engineering we would like to thank you all for affording us an opportunity to be part of Smartprocurement Expo. For it has given us a lot of exposure since then and the growth in marketing and expanding our company. We appreciate each and every role played, from assisting us in getting the marketing tools, polishing our pitch, assistance with appointments etc. – the whole friendly Leap team made sure we were all ok. We are getting enquiries from companies who had visited us in our stall, hopefully all will turn into positive business relationship” – Ms. Simphiwe Mohale (kVA Engineering)

We would like to thank all our entrepreneurs and representatives from our clients who attended the Expo, namely: CBS Engineering, KVA-Engineering, Zamusi Projects, Jachem, STSS, Globescope, Ventso Group, Smart Metering, Matena Trading, Valotech228, R&P Holdings, Apphia Printers, Latita. Please let us know if you would like to enquire about their services and set-up separate meetings with these wonderful companies.

For those who are planning to attend the Smartprocurement next year we would like to give a few tips:

1. Review attending exhibitors
Prior to the Expo, make a list of exhibitors who interest you. Review your contacts and social media accounts to discover and common connections with these exhibitors. This could allow you to gather constructive information about an exhibitor before you meet them at their stand.

2. Plan ahead
Expos often provide a vendor map on their website prior to the event. Chart out your previously identified vendors to reduce travel time between meetings. If possible, set up your meetings prior to the event. Be sure to leave time to rest, re-group and reschedule. More than likely you will not be able to meticulously stick to your schedule. 

3. Make the most of it
Expos frequently offer seminars with industry experts. This is a great opportunity to learn something new that could help you grow your business. Have a sufficient amount of hands to assist you with the stand and to be able to learn as well as network appropriately.

4. Don’t judge a book by its cover
The temptation to bee-line for the elaborate stands with premium handouts is understandable. However, try not to disregard the smaller, less extravagant, stands. Small business is not synonymous with insignificant. With new technologies and business concepts emerging daily, a smaller company might carry the big ideas and solutions that work for your business. Plus they may grow into becoming your bigger customers one day.