Can you use social media to market your business?

The internet has changed the way businesses operate, and social media is now a powerful tool if used properly. You have a worldwide audience of potential customer, service providers and partners at your fingertips, so to help you establish an online presence, here are our four top tips.


Social media may seem easy, but don’t underestimate the resources that you need to run an effective social media campaign. It doesn’t require a huge budget, but it does need time and it should be run by a person who you trust. In order to be relevant you must post fresh content regularly, you need to interact with users daily, and you need to respond to queries in a timely manner. If you cannot commit to this, social media could damage your brand.


There are billions of people who use social media on a variety of different platforms, but not all platforms will be the right fit for your company. Resist the urge to simply pick the most popular site, or the one your competitors are using, and rather conduct research to see where your customers and leads spend their time. Choose a platform that suits your core business strategy and rather select one website and do it well, than several and run them poorly.


Before you start posting, tweeting, following and liking, you need to establish your desired outcomes and determine how you will quantify the results. Are you looking to increase the traffic to your website? Improve the credibility of your brand? Provide an extra avenue for customer service interaction? When social media is done right, it will increase brand visibility, your reach, your client base and your revenue.


To be effective you need to be organised. Create a comprehensive, systematic content plan that stipulates what you’ll be posting and how frequently. Make notes of significant days or event in your industry but remember not to overwhelm your audience with too much information. The time of day, and day of the week will affect your rates of interaction, so plan these carefully to ensure that your target audience sees your content. Whatever message you post, be consistent with your brand, across all platforms.

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