COVID-19 Small Business Rescue Plan

As a B-BBEE compliant entity your annual spends are aimed at economic transformation. Unfortunately Covid-19 is leaving us unsure about what the economy will look like once it’s all said and done. LEAP has put together a rescue package for small businesses that assists entrepreneurs to understand their risks and to create an appropriate response to this new economy.

BEE compliant companies can simply use a portion of their required annual spend, to directly help save small businesses and aid in our economic recovery.

Who we are

Lean Enterprise Acceleration Programmes (LEAP) has been transforming the South African BEE landscape for over 10 years. We fully understand the challenges and frustrations that companies face with BEE compliance and we tailor a programme to address the specific goals of each client. We have a particular strength in delivering impact through effective enterprise and supplier development (ESD) programs that achieves more than just compliance.

Our passion for supporting small business with meaningful and personalised support has yielded excellent results to SMEs nationwide.

About the Rescue Package

Small businesses in South Africa play a critical role in economic growth by proving employment to a large percentage of the population.
This COVID-19 small business rescue package will support and enable beneficiaries to navigate the complex environment we find ourselves in. Key elements to the intervention focus on;



Macro and Micro economy overview
Analyze how the business environment will change, and create a strategy to withstand the disruption and to mitigate actual or potential risks.

High-Level financial impact review
Assess their capability to withstand disruption from a financial standpoint, and that they act decisively to mitigate actual or potential risks.

Operational Impact review
Understands the impact of operations on business outcomes.

Access to market opportunities

Create marketing and communications strategy to ensure that their pipeline is full and communication with clients is consistent providing clarity and trust to all stakeholders.

High-level HR review
Evaluate the impact on employees

Personal coaching sessions

Entailing topics like leadership in times of crisis, remaining motivated

There is no playbook for the current crisis therefore by assisting SME’s benefits all South Africans to learn more reach out to us on