Create a company culture that retains employees

High employee turnover is bad for business. It lowers staff morale and decreases productivity, while it’s also costly to find and train replacements. This is why it’s essential for companies of any size to retain their best employees. Here are nine ways to create the kind of company culture that attracts the right type of employee.


For entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s essential that you have a clear vision of where you are going and what you want to achieve with your business. You are the fundamental first step that will dictate the type of company you’ll have, and then you need to hire the right people to bring the company culture to life.


It’s important to define your core values but you and your employees then need to live them every day through your work. Rather than simply posting them on your company profile on your website, have them visible in your office where they can be seen and implemented on a daily basis – in everything that you do.


Create a company that you can be proud of and let the world know it. When you believe in – and live – your company culture, you’ll attract employees, clients, customers and partners who recognise and identify with your values and culture.


Many people work very long hours together, and often tend to spend more time with colleagues than with their own family. When you create a work family it’s easier and more productive for employees to work together. Create traditions and a fun work environment and be there when an employee needs advice, guidance and help.


Money drives most people, but rather than looking at this short-term solution, consider equity. Ownership will help motivate employees because the value of their equity grows with the value of the company. This incentive can be used to hire new staff members, it can form part of a promotion, or be offered to loyal long-term staff members.


Everyone who works for you knows that you’re in charge, but rather than sitting behind inaccessible office walls, sit amongst your employees. This will encourage better communication, and you’ll find your employees more willing to share their thoughts and ideas with you.


Make a conscious decision to be positive at work, as your attitude will rub off on those around you. Try to replace your negative thoughts and words with positive ones, so you create a happy work environment.


Create an environment where everyone has a voice. Open and honest communication will help your company grow, and it introduces a different perspective. Feedback should be acknowledged, discussed and applied where applicable.


Rather take your time and ensure that you employ someone worth investing in. You want a happy, qualified candidate, who works hard, but who also fits in with your company culture. People also want to work at a company where they believe they will learn and develop new skills, face exciting challenges, and work with great people.

Company culture is as important as ever – to all businesses. It’s what separates you from similar companies in your industry and it’s what makes you unique. But it’s a team effort and it needs to be actively developed and reinforced within your organisation. When you have an attractive company culture, it allows you to employ, and more essentially to retain, the best and brightest employees.

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