Even entrepreneurs need a holiday

Most entrepreneurs feel that they can’t close their business during December and they never feel like there’s a good time to go on holiday. However, everyone can benefit from taking some time out to relax. If you are going on holiday, December is a good month as many customers and suppliers are also taking time off. Here are four ways to help you make your well-earned holiday stress free:



While everyone is entitled to a holiday, be sure you don’t leave your customers, business contacts, colleagues or suppliers in the lurch while you’re sipping cocktails on an exotic beach. Give everyone advance warning that you’ll be away, including your holiday dates, and give them a point of contact if you have arranged for someone to fill this role.
With a smartphone or an iPad you’re always connected and you’ll find yourself answering emails when you’re supposed to be relaxing. If you feel that you’ll be more stressed by not checking in on your business, then set a specific time or duration to check and answer emails. After this, switch off your electronic equipment and enjoy your break.


Your everyday working life is pretty busy so now that you’re on holiday, you have time to think about the bigger picture and reflect on where your business is going. In this relaxed state you’ll approach problems differently, and have a fresh perspective to tackle strategic issues. You’re in a foreign, calmer space, so use this to your advantage and plan your business future.

As long as you’ve met all your business obligations, or come to an agreement with the concerned party, then go on holiday without feeling guilty. Everyone needs and deserves to have a break. You certainly do not have to apologise for needing to rest, and it means you’ll come back feeling revitalised and will do better work on your return.
All breaks are good breaks, so whether you are lucky to get a month off or you choose to just have a long weekend, what’s important is that you make time to rest and recharge. By having a healthy getaway you will establish balanced lifestyle habits and this will help you prevent burnout. Going on holiday is good for your health and for the health of your business.

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