Generating Leads in a Digital World

The digital revolution has been a gritty and stretching necessity for everyone in the Business to Business space. The days of face to face selling are growing foggy as it fades into the past. The glaring reality is that your customers use web based fact finding channels, brand interaction, review and feedback operations all the way to transaction and purchases to interact with your business.

How do small to medium business start to engage in a meaningful way in this digital era. Find below some tricks to get on board online B2B trading train.

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Be Easy to Find

1. The mini website: Your digital domain.

Having a website is important. It is you own space to say what you need to say to who you need to say it to. But these days on trading platforms like the Business World it is more like a mini internet; a universe in the multiverse of the internet that focuses on trading between businesses online. You need to be in this space and you need to be seen. So the mini website capability on the Business World is your key to being found online.

Be Heard

2. Content: What do you want to say?

When it comes to putting together the content for your mini website you can’t be verbose. It take 20 seconds for a person to make a judgement call on if you are worth work working with.

Give the punchiest, effective, attention grabbing write up on what you do and how you do it. The rest is handled by the platform. Eg. Contact details and links to more info on your big website.

Come Up On Top

3. Search basics: Your ranking determines how high on the list of searches you appear.

Reputation is everything. In the same way the google will judge the quality of your google ads the online trading platform judges you based on your ranking. You rank higher based on the following criteria: Reviews, Compliance (Are you SARS register – Can big companies work with you) The platform makes sure that they provide the searcher with best possible finds. You want this to be you.

Sell Sell Sell

4. Selling: Give people what they want.

If a customer in your industry doesn’t want to search for you. They just want to put it out there that they want to buy something. They can post jobs where they say what they want, where they are and in some cases how much they want to pay. If the product and location that customers match your profile you will receive a notification.

Now you need to bid. Others can see this. The competition can be fierce. You need to ensure that your bid/quote is competitive.

It Goes Both Ways

5. Two Way Street: You can buy too

If you are going to participate in digital trading then go all in. There are advantages beneath the struggle of navigating how to sell online. These are that you can take part in the buying. In the same way that you are trying to create an easy to view profile, attract customers with your ranking, beat your competitors in price so are potential supplier trying to attract, sell, and schmooze to you.

As a participant in this digital era you know that buying online is simple, efficient, and practical. With the B2B Trading platform you can find suppliers that tick all your boxes and transact directly. And you should procure from here. B2B online trading in the foundation upon which small businesses in South Africa can garner business. To grow our economy it is vital that small businesses succeed. This is one of the tools that will get us there.

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Author; Cara Shepherd, LEAP Marketing Officer, March 16