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Growing Business

LEAP provides business support services, solutions for kick starting your BEE journey, providing you access to markets as well as vetted suppliers and other tools to help business owners to scale their businesses.


Our skills development approach is 3 fold. BEE sponsors have the opportunity to 1) Develop internal staff 2) Develop their supply chain and 3) develop Historically Disadvantages Individuals with businesses operating in the community.


By this point we assume that you are a QSE (ATO R10M-R50M). This means that the BEE regulations would start impacting your business. LEAP’s BEE advisory assists with setting up strategies and development plans to ensure you stay competitive in the market.


For this stage of business development the Business World provides two benefits. 1) Register as a supplier and get access to market. 2) Register as a buyer and find the RIGHT verified suppliers.


Entrepreneurship Can Be Taught. Will you be a successful entrepreneur? That’s a question all established and aspiring business owners should ask themselves, and now there’s a scientifically proven assessment that gives you the answer.

Business Advice

General business advice Insurance advice Finance & tax advice Legal advice Customised legal documents such as service level/ shareholders /employment contracts, lease agreements etc.


Promote your business: Run promotions and send out sales campaigns to our database of 2 million customers.
Lead Generation: The Business World is a B2B trading platform where you can generate leads from a broad network of companies

Legal Cover

We will compensate you up to R150 000 for your legal expenses in cases such as debt recoveries, CCMA hearing etc.

Purchasing Power

Let us negotiate discounts and specials on your behalf. Tell us what you are looking to buy and we will get it for you at a better rate or with additional benefits. Take advantage of our pre-negotiated deals too.


A virtual PA at your fingertips. Call through and get bookings for your meetings done, make travel arrangements for you at preferential rate and take messages on your behalf.

Download the Sanlam business assist brochure here(hyperlink to pdf download). To sign up click here or call us on 0860 100 539.

Skills Development

Internal Staff

There are various options for developing your staff like skills training and investing in their further education. The benefits include developing and retaining your staff, future recruitment and providing a staff reward system.

Supply Chain

The benefits of having a succinct supply chain skills development strategy include ensuring better quality products or more efficient services from your service providers, it helps built client relationships. There are also PR and brand recognition benefits.

Historically Disadvantaged Individuals

Proving skills development to HDI’s in the community provide opportunistic marketing opportunities, PR and brand recognition as well as potential for future recruitment.

Speak to LEAP if you want to design or implement a skills development plan with the highest impact for your business.


B-BBEE Advisory

A solid BEE strategy is paramount for the competitiveness and growth of your company as you start to get bigger clients. At LEAP we assist with collaboratively creating a BEE strategy and plan that can assist with enhancing your benefit to companies procuring from you.


Ensuring that you choose the most appropriate course of BEE initiatives to strengthen your brand positioning.


We provide detailed project plan that guides your through all the milestones on your journey towards a better BEE score.


We walk out talk at LEAP. From Strategy formulation all the way through to implementation. In this way we ensure that our advisory work is actionable.

Projects and Case Studies

In December 2015 LEAP and Honeywell partnered together to establish a sound B-BBEE strategy to help increase their score. The main component of the strategy is the set up on an Enterprise and Supplier Development programme. The idea behind the programme is to find and support local black owned entrepreneurs in the aim of eventually integrating these businesses into Honeywells supply chain. In doing so Honeywell’s procurement recognition spend will increase to provide them with more points, giving them a competitive advantage, making them more compliant and transforming. On the other hand the small business is supported to the point where they can positively contribute to the economy, grow their business and hire more staff.

We currently have 5 small businesses on the programme at various business stages. They all receive monthly mentorship. Their individual business needs are addressed based on their industry. For example we have enable ISO accreditation and well as legal and tax compliance.

Although the programme is young we hope to integrate these companies into Honeywell’s supply chain by the end of the programme.

For more info on our BEE advisory services email

Business World

Access to Market

The Business World facilitates notifications of opportunities that come through in your location and industry. There are over 100 business opportunities posted every day including tender notification. You can also create a mini website so that people looking for your services can find you easily and procure directly from you. You can also save all your company documents such as BEE certificates, SARS Letter of Good Standing, Company registration documents, ISO accreditation certificates and so on in one place that is safe and easily accessible only to those companies that you want to view these documents.


Find the right supplier on the Business World. We have a tightly vetted process of verifying suppliers by various compliances depending on their industry. You can now find a supplier with a BEE level you require as well as peer reviews, valid tax clearance and other compliance requests.

Register on the business world here.

Entrepreneur Scan

What is E-scan

E-Scan is an online entrepreneurial assessment that determines the impact you will have on the success of a business. More than 600 000 entrepreneurs use E-Scan around the world to further develop themselves.

How does E-Scan work?

Through an extensive scientific comparison you are evaluated against the key traits and thinking styles that are common in effective entrepreneurs. A comprehensive report is then produced, revealing your characteristics, capabilities and how you would react to changing situations, challenges and opportunities. This is further matched against other entrepreneurs in various industries.

Why do I need E-Scan?

Armed with this direct insight you have a better idea of your strengths, weaknesses and predominant thinking styles. By gaining self-awareness you can develop and improve your skills, empowering you to become a better business owner. Let E-Scan help you become a successful entrepreneur by boosting your success rate up to 89%.

Contact us on 011 449 7074 or email to start your test today. For only R800 you can push your business to another level by improving your own skills as an entrepreneur!

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