Hey Jude Pro – your pocket-sized business guru

What is the one thing every small business, start up or consultant dreams of? Having someone else to do all the nitty-gritty, time-devouring tasks essential to running your business, leaving you free to dream-big and really grow it?  Hey Jude Pro was launched for this very reason – it is your 24/7, 365, pocket-sized personal assistant…and office manager, …researcher, …admin assistant; whatever business service you need, only for the hours you need it, but without all that water-cooler chit-chat.

“Since the launch of our personal consumer product, Hey Jude, we have been inundated with business-based requests,” says Hey Jude Operations Manager, Michelle Harley, “from pricing analysis, to data collection and even organising company retreats. So, developing a more business-focussed, time-based add-on to our personal consumer product just made sense. Hey Jude Pro not only makes running an SME, start-up or consulting business possible for many people, it also helps make it efficient and successful.”

Your PA on steroids 

Both Hey Jude and its new add-on, Hey Jude Pro, use the power of technology and the finesse of human intellect to get your to-do list sorted. Using a message-based interface to link you to one of their trained operators, known as ‘Judes’, you can simply text or voice message your personal or business request – and they will do the rest. Research, vet the suppliers, negotiate the prices and even facilitate payment. If your business’ to-do list includes comparing supplier quotations, formatting a report, planning your product launch – the Judes will do it all for you.

Hey Jude Pro also keeps payments smart and simple, through one secure, encrypted commerce platform. All you need to do is load your card, supply transaction instructions and the Judes will settle your expenses.  All Hey Jude Pro payments carry a 5% merchant fee to cover all payment bank charges. So, pay the courier service, the venue hire for your year-end function, for research data and for your hotel in New York or Mumbai. It is commerce at a touch, or press and pay.

What is all the fuss about?

The thing that sets Hey Jude Pro and Hey Jude apart is that the ‘Judes’ are real people, with real business experience – that use the power of technology, their own local knowledge, and a bit of flare to get your tasks done – it’s the perfect mash up of emotional aptitude, business skills and artificial intelligence. “I was underwhelmed by the promise of bots like Siri and Amazon’s Alexa and the actual user experience,” says Innovation architect and Hey Jude developer, Marcus Smith, “there might be a time when machines will be able do all these things, but until then we are filling in the blanks with a blended AI-human solution.”

What’s the difference between Hey Jude and Hey Jude Pro?

Hey Jude is a monthly subscription-based service that deals with unlimited personal requests, such as restaurant bookings, flights, party planning, food delivery and paying your bills, while Hey Jude Pro is a time-based service that deals with business-related requests. So, finding great, cheap Opera tickets and booking them is a Hey Jude task, but asking for a list of all theater General Managers for marketing purposes is a business request. Other business requests that the Judes find a cinch include: market research, competitor analysis, procurement, data capture, transcribing minutes, event planning research, or anything that generates an income for yourself or your business through the request.  And because the Judes work 24/7, 365 days a week, you never have to worry about over-time, health and safety, or that embarrassing office-party pic going viral on Facebook.

How does it work?

Download the app from your relevant app store (Hey Jude is available on Android & iOS), and get the Judes working for you with three free requests. Then, once you have fallen in love with the app, a subscription of R199/month will get the Judes working on your personal requests 24/7 and 365 days a year, with as many tasks as you need.  To get the Judes working on your business tasks, simply upgrade to a Pro package within the app. And then pay R600 for 3 hours; And then pay only R900 for 5 hours; R1500 for 10 hours.

Hey Jude Pro launches in the UK, New Zealand and Australia on 1 August 2017.

Hey Jude. Just say the word and it’s sorted.