How to bounce-back, balance and breathe: for mother entrepreneurs

How to bounce-back, balance and breathe: for mother entrepreneurs

As women, we don’t always want to admit how difficult it is balancing being driven business owners and nurturing homemakers. This is a real and common predicament faced by modern women. There are many women striving to meet the demands of being a professional mother, those moments when you are sitting in a meeting, trying to concentrate and contribute constructively and the baby in your tummy is doing somersaults.

Entrepreneurial women hope to grow their businesses without feeling like they are slacking off at home. As a working mom, I have learnt a few things which will hopefully help you to avoid feeling like you are losing the plot:

Set Clear Work-Home Boundaries

bce62efe50609bc5216bf283a484e62fSeparate your work and home space. These are both areas that should be respected. Your work deserves attention and focus and your family deserves you present and invested. Keeping these areas separate will help you be dedicated to what’s in front of you. This might mean leaving your phone in your handbag for 2 hours, not checking your emails whilst spending quality time with your family.

Get Backup

i_got_your_back3Don’t do things you don’t have to do. Find a great babysitter, send your domestic worker on a cooking course and get your husband to share 50% of the housework. ‘A husband who does the laundry is romantic’, says Sheryl Stanberg. Communicate with your support structure so they know specifically what you need. You are not alone! Use the help and delegate. It might not get done 100% to your liking but 80% will be good enough and allow you to spend your energy elsewhere.

Have a Plan

241f4eaa55ea72fd21ebeb09728b651dA concise business plan will reassure you that you have covered every aspect of your business and its processes. A plan for home is also so helpful: kid’s sports schedules, lift clubs, birthday parties, dinner dates. Knowing that these are somewhat under control leaves time to enjoy your home time and not have to focus on the finicky details.

Prepare for Disaster

cropped-stake-rs-lady (1)The hurricane will come. The unexpected costs of entrepreneurship and the unplanned family emergencies will arrive. Be prepared and have a game plan so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. Ensure that you use the technology available for you to work from home. Ensure that all your staff has Skype accounts or are linked to Viber so you can communicate easily.

Don’t Be a Hero.

Screen-shot-2011-09-05-at-2.38.32-PMLeave the toys on the floor. Forgive yourself for snapping at your husband and forgetting the soy patty for that one vegetarian dinner guest. Guilt will take the joy out of anything you once found pleasure in. Learn from mistakes and let go of guilt.

Let your time be quality.

b3fc75d02d14f719e8408be9accca6c1Don’t forget Date Night. The time you have with your husband is so precious even if it’s just a cup of coffee or watching TV on the couch. Tell him your stories and hear his, touch base, share and enjoy each other.

Make sure that you have quality time with your kids. Take them for a walk or do a puzzle. Memories that you and your kids can treasure will be such an anchor in the future.

 Take time for yourself.


“If you take care of your mind you take care of your world”, says Huffington Post founder Arianne Huffington. Make quality time to rest and invest in YOU. Get enough sleep.

Don’t neglect the simple things that bring you joy even if its 5 minutes browsing Pinterest. A few minutes of quality calmness can centre and focus you more than an hour of sitting still with your mind still racing.

Burning out is a real and constant concern in this hectic life space. Neither our family nor our business can afford for this to happen. We will never get it perfect, but we will keep working!