How to hire the right employee

Successful entrepreneurs and small business owners need quality employees to help run and grow their business, but finding the right people can be a challenge. Here are 10 points to assist you in hiring the best employees for your company.

1. Recruiting programme. Set up a well-structured selection process – that is carefully managed – to help you match the best talent with the available position in your business.

2. Create a profile. Certain behavioural traits are essential in key positions in an organisation (e.g. a salesperson should be an extrovert), so it’s important to establish a profile of these strategic roles. Filling these with the right people will help you to execute your business plans and achieve success.

3. Job description. To find the ideal candidate you need to create a targeted and effective job description. Be clear and precise about the role, and the necessary skills, personal attributes and experience required for the position.

4. Draft the advert. Take your time and get this right, to help attract the best people for the job. Target relevant industry publications but be open to other avenues, particularly social media. LinkedIn is particularly popular, while Facebook and Twitter are also used to advertise positions. It’s crucial to use the right social networks for your business, and where you’re most likely to reach your potential employee.

5. Review CVs. When you assess applicants you’re looking for a competent person who has the correct experience, education and skills to effectively complete required tasks. They must be highly capable, with the incentive to take on additional responsibilities, and there must also be the potential for growth in your company.

6. Screening. To save time and eliminate unsuitable candidates, you can screen potential employees on the phone. While it’s essential to ask the right questions, you also need to ask everyone the same questions, so that you have a sound base for evaluating and comparing candidates.

7. Pre-employment test. Another tactic to whittle down applications is to use pre-employment testing. This provides insight into elements such as cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, knowledge and even criminal or drug records, which help you to assess if the person is a good fit for your company.

8. Interview process. From the outset paint a clear picture of what your company is like, and ensure the candidate understands the full requirements of the position. It’s important to ask the right questions to learn about their drive, ambition and values – which must align with your company’s brand and culture. Potential employees must be compatible with colleagues, partners and clients.

9. Reference check. Conducting a background check is a crucial part of the hiring process. Along with the names on a CV, ask for additional references in an effort to get a more unbiased opinion of the candidate. Search for social media profiles as these will give you a good idea of the type of person you’re hiring and if they fit in with the culture of your company.

10. Hire the right person. Don’t employ the person who is most like you, rather match the best applicant – with the most relevant and recent experience – to the profiled position. Approach the hiring process with an open mind and don’t disregard a person immediately because of factors such as age or appearance. Think outside the box; you never know when a candidate who falls outside the lines of your requirements may still be the ideal fit for your company.
In the event that you do employ the wrong person, take the necessary steps to end the relationship as quickly as possible, as they will end up costing you valuable time, money and results.

People are the backbone of any successful business and it takes an entire team to help build a winning enterprise. When you match the right employee with the right position you get increased productivity, enhanced employment relationships, an improved work culture and a better chance of creating a thriving business.

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