A complete BEE solution designed to reduce risk, save you money and time.

Broad based black economic empowerment is an affirmative action process set in place by the South African government.

B-BBEE legislation aims to drive broad-based transformation by scoring businesses on their ability to address specific targets in 5 key areas, namely;

  • Ownership
  • Management control
  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development (including preferential procurement)
  • Socio-economic development

Each of these elements has a scorecard that is achieved by reaching certain targets and complying to the rules that govern them.  Often times managing these elements involve working with a number of consultants and different entities. The exercise becomes cumbersome and expensive. And because of this, it means that people often spend their time simply trying to meet the “compliance checkbox” instead of looking at ways to drive a far more strategic and meaningful approach to transformation.

The reality is that the policy is there to address a genuine and important need – but the route taken often gets in the way of achieving impact. Used strategically – BEE can assist you to grow your own business as well as achieving growth for South Africa.

It is important to manage all 5 of the key BEE elements.  

At Lean Enterprise Acceleration Programmes (LEAP) we aim to create meaningful & sustainable transformation solutions that enable large organisations to reach their B-BBEE targets and achieve impact. LEAP has recently launched its innovative web-based BEE Administrator to assist and support companies in managing their scorecard.

The web-based tool is designed to make the management of BEE easier, quicker and with more predictable outcomes. It’s a system built to deal with the everyday challenges BEE practitioners face. From detailed scenario planning to verification management. Our BEE Administrator accommodates the management of data, documentation, score, time and budget. It simplifies the process and gives more control to the business to track against targets. And this means that the transformation team is able to spend more time on supporting interventions that will create impact, as opposed to ones that are easier to administer.

1. Communicate  across departments within your organisation, the tool enables each division or department to take ownership and responsibility. With it’s unlimited team functionality, team members can work and collaborate  remotely anytime and from anywhere. Which is essential in the current COVID-19 crisis we are experiencing.

2. Be updated The tool is updated and loaded within 72 hours of new codes being gazetted. So you can assess and see how the new codes will impact your overall strategy. The LEAP BEE Administrator also boasts more than 77,000 BEE certificates and affidavits to keep you up to date with your procurement measurement.

 3. Plan The best way to predict the future is to plan for it. One of the great features of our revolutionary web-based software, is the Scenario Planner. The Scenario Planner allows for unlimited planning variations, all reported against current and projected data. With our scenario planner you can know today what your score will be in the future and support initiatives that will drive greater impact for you.

The Leap BEE Administrator is designed for you to reduce your dependency on external parties, speed up your decision-making process, save you money and execute a successful BEE program on time, on budget and predictably.

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