NSBC’s MyBiz Expo


We were at the NSBC’s My Biz Expo in early March.

Our business consultant, Vuyo, attended and provides the highlights and lessons.


There were over fifty exhibitors ranging from start-ups to major multinational blue chips, and over a thousand delegates comprising of aspirant entrepreneurs as well as seasoned small to medium business owners looking to form new relationships and bolster their supply chains.

One of the biggest upsides to these kinds of client-facing events is the remarkable amount of information you can get in terms of what it is that your customers expect, and more importantly need and want from your business.

What was of particular interest is that instead of delegates asking “what do you offer?” they would ask “do you offer…..” whatever it is that they needed for their business. What this means is that if you do offer what the client needs, you’re on the money. If you don’t, you then know exactly what it is that your clients needs and you can then add to or change your product or service offering based on the needs of your clients.

Biggest lesson: Wait for your clients to tell you what they need, instead of you telling them what you offer.

What this translates to, is that you can customise your sales pitch to suit the specific need that your client has, and if you can’t offer the product or service they need right now, you walk away knowing exactly what it is that your market needs.

Your clients are the ones who should dictate what it is that your business offers, not you. You need to constantly have your hand on the pulse of the market adapting your business to the needs of your clients, without losing focus.