Our Business Support Services Are Legend

“I am extremely satisfied with the service, I would give your Business Support team a 6 out of 6 for this service.” – Jabulile Xaba

“Thank you for helping me with the other equipment quotes which I didn’t even think of myself. I look forward using your business support services with every requirement going forward for my business, because I never knew there would be discounts with these purchases.” – Mr Gaqisa, Gaqisa Tyre Repairs and Fitments

“Thank you for the fast and efficient service! I will definitely be making regular use of these support services – they offer such great value.” – Megan, Megz Hiring Services

“I really am appreciative of the business services that are available to me, most especially the liability cover. I believe this product will properly protect my business interest. Thank you for a great service!” – Bongani Mgijima, Yakhanani Tourism Solutions

I appreciate the great business support service and is surprised by the quick response time. I would refer this service to all disadvantaged small businesses.” – Mr Malebana, Fruit & Vegetable Retail

“I was extremely impressed with the turnaround time and the price; I never expected any one to help over the holidays. There was a great saving close to 15% off what I usually spend on towels. I was also kept in the loop from the moment I made my enquiry until the time I actually ordered my goods.” – Ninety North Guest House

“Thank you for your wonderful business support services. You really care about the success of my business –  which makes me very happy to be their client” –  Ms Mgobese, Ngobese’s Farms

“I had no idea that these types of support services are available to small businesses. Thank you for all the information you supplied, plus the great discount deal on amenities for my guesthouse.  I am quite impressed with the products and services received. Keep up the good work!” – Patricia Dlamini, Xisaka Guest House

“I was amazed to receive a 25% upfront discount on my electrical order from one of the suppliers you referred to me. Thank you for such a great business support service! I am going to integrate the electrical supplier into my business supply chain as this kind of saving will increase our profit margins and make us more competitive in the marketplace.” – TS Auto Electrical

“Your business support service couldn’t have come at a better time, as our business has been expanding quite rapidly the last couple of months and we were looking to hire new equipment. I have to say that I am very happy with your fast and efficient service and will continue to use your services, since it saves me money and time.” – Bouncing Jumping Castle

I was first reluctant to use this new business support service, but after you referred three catering equipment suppliers to me and finding that they are much cheaper than any of the other suppliers I have contacted, I was very pleased. Once of  the suppliers that you referred to me even offered to open a credit line for my business,  which lightens the load on my cash flow. I will definitely be referring my business contacts to you for your excellent business support services.” – Mrs Gumbi, Fafusi General Trading