If Enterprise Development programmes are to have a lasting impact on the South African economy then they must take into account the broader economic context in which small businesses operate. That’s why TWP (now WorleyParsons) partnered with LEAP to establish a programme that integrates small black-owned businesses into their broader industry networks.

After a rigorous selection process, WorleyParsons handpicked nine of the most promising small businesses from LEAP’s extensive database and conducted individual needs assessments.

With the aim of providing the foundations from which each business can expand its network, WorleyParsons’ ED programme provides entrepreneurs with office space, transport, personal assistants, and business coaching and mentoring.

WorleyParsons encourages long-term growth by offering round-the-clock assistance with procurement, sales and marketing, budgeting, tender applications, accounting, administration, as well as financial and legal advice.

“Our business has grown exponentially since our involvement with TWP, now WorleyParsons,” says Evans Farai Chabata, MD of Gridbow Engineering. “Gridbow is now a force to be reckoned with in the engineering sector.”