Few South African companies understand the true value of Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) for their overall performance, and how it can stimulate the economy, diversify supply chains and help to create jobs. LEAP investigates ProcureWorld, a B-BBEE procurement platform that provides a solution for preferential procurement and supply chain optimisation.

There are key challenges in the world of supply and demand, especially in South Africa. Companies need to find suppliers that are Exempted Micro Enterprises and Qualifying Small Enterprises with 30% black women or 51% black ownership. There are time and cost factors in verifying and appointing relevant suppliers, and ensuring that these suppliers have insurance policies, are compliant with SARS regulations, are ISO accredited and have quality management systems in place. Additionally, records need to be maintained, and the tender process for daily purchasing and supplier contract documentation have to be managed.
ProcureWorld understands these issues and provides an essential link between buyers and accredited suppliers, through a world-class digital procurement platform called The Business World. Large organisations can also use this platforms to upload their existing suppliers onto a central database, where all their details are stored and kept up to date.
Clients’ open or closed tender bids are automatically and efficiently managed, and procurement officers simply need to award those bids to successful candidates. As a result of trading activities, ProcureWorld also generates a preferential procurement analysis for each client’s B-BBEE rating requirements.

The immediate benefits to an organisation are:
• Scoring maximum points for preferential procurement
• Access to 1 000s of approved suppliers
• Reducing supply chain risk and cost
• Accredited system security to protect data and contracts
• Decreasing legal drafting time by 80-90%
• Brand enhancement through white-labelled solutions

Depending on the needs of each client, ProcureWorld provides a variety of modular solutions including a Vendor Management System, Contract Management System, and a Tendering and Preferential Procurement Management System.
Additional services include:
• Business support for suppliers to improve their quality and delivery
• A virtual shared resource centre that operates 24/7
• Access to funding information
• Access to business pre-negotiated discounts and special offers

ProcureWorld is a 51% black-owned (with over 30% black female ownership) subsidiary of Lean Enterprise Acceleration Programmes (LEAP), providing outsourced procurement services to companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. They offer their clients expertise, built on years of working with small businesses and procurement officers.

LEAP has been assisting companies with their supply chain optimisation processes for the past 5 years, as well as implementing successful Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes.

To manage your preferential procurement and optimise your supply chain, contact ProcureWorld today on 011 449 7139 or visit