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Start Up Business

LEAP provides a variety of business support services to entrepreneurs by helping them getting new clients and back-office support.


Access to market, advice and savings. Bolster is one of our direct to market service offerings. Bolster provides 24/7 virtual business support over the phone and online.


Our Growthwheel © certified mentors have over 20 years of business mentoring under their belt with experience in scaling businesses for more than 300 entrepreneurs.


New Venture Creation training is a SETA-accredited course that guide and inspire people to start businesses that can be sustained, test their ideas and turn them into workable solutions, creating more jobs.


The Business world is a platform where businesses can profile themselves, verify their credentials, find ESD support and be incorporated into supply chains. The Business World connects small businesses with purchasing organisations.


Our service connects you with a network of experts across a broad range of disciplines including technology, marketing, sales, business management, operations, human resources, legal matters and more.


Bolster provides you with access to leads via the online market place, a platform where you can connect with potential buyers. Coupon creation allows you to create your own promotional coupons that will be sent to 2million people. Also, get marketing advice from the experts so you can increase leads.


Bolster provides business advice from experts in the industry. You can access advice from professionals in finance & tax, HR and compliance. Our legal attorneys are able to assist you with issues around commercial or labour matters you may have.


All businesses need to save money. With Bolster you get discounts on a number of suppliers from vehicle purchases, office and IT equipment, printing and more. And our virtual PA will assist with appointments, flights, bookings and other admin.

Sign Up

Visit BOLSTER, one of our direct to market service offerings. You can sign up for month-to-month telephonic and online business support via the website or by calling 0861 33 60 60. Click here to download our Bolster brochure.

Mentoring & Coaching

Latest research shows that all successful people or business owners have a panel of mentors, coaches and advisors to grow them personally and professionally. LEAP’s approach towards mentoring and coaching is very pesonalised based on your determination of success. How big do you want to grow?

Analysis & Assessment

At LEAP we don’t take a cookie cutter approach when it comes to mentorship. We customise our mentorship for each individual. This starts with analysis on you as the entrepreneur and your business: – Entrepreneurial scan(E-Scan), – GrowthWheel Analysis provides a 360 view of the business needs and status quo, – Technical Assessment

Development Plan

Based on the entrepreneurial assessment and business needs analysis LEAP will put together a development plan for the business. This plan will include timelines, milestones and mentorship topics necessary for the business to grow.


Implementation is the mentorship and needs specific interventions that are carried out. LEAP has a large database of Specialist and Technical Mentors who are highly skilled with years of experience in specific industries, across all aspects of business development and growth.

LEAP’s Mentorship Approach:

(You can also purchase the Entrepreneur Scan (E-Scan) or the GrowthWheel Assessment individually)
If you would like to access mentorship through an Enterprise & Supplier Development Programme click here .
If you would like to purchase individual mentorship click here.

New Venture Creation

New Venture Creation  training is a SETA-accredited course that offers an innovative solution to creating entrepreneurs in South Africa by guiding leaders to take initiative and inspiring others to start businesses that can be sustained, and thus create more jobs. This New Venture Creation Course instils leaderly behaviour and orientates itself towards inspiring entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial pursuits.  Outgoing employees who have since had innovative ideas can use this course to produce sound pipelines and processes for starting a business and living sustainably. Outgoing employees looking for sustainable living can make their own opportunities through this course.  The course is adaptable and applicable to people from all walks of life. Leaders with intrapreneurial pursuits and intent on growing their organisations have the opportunity to grow and enhance their leadership skills. Leaders within organisations will be introduced to innovative ways of approaching customer needs and will have the opportunity to transform their organisations though discussions.


I have found the NVC course to be very helpful in understanding how entrepreneurs should think. It has also taught me to start thinking out the box in the application of my ideas and to stop procrastinating and simply start! The course involves engaging with other entrepreneurs, and the exchange of ideas and thinking that happened opened my mind more than I could have imagined.Tebogo Mashigo
Tebogo Mashigo
In the NVC class we’re encouraged to think outside the box that most people are comfortable spending their lives in. We were taught that great ideas don’t magically present themselves, nor do they come falling out of the sky. Rather, they’re often the product of exercising what some call the “idea muscle”. The ability to find value in situations that most people would just label as ”problematic” is often key for a good entrepreneur. Repeating this process over and over helps to sharpen the mind and to improve the quality of the ideas generated. Furthermore, stretching the “idea muscle” is a process that increases exponentially in effectiveness when done in a group. In class, we were confronted with all sorts of everyday situations and engaged in brainstorming sessions where we were encouraged to name any and all business opportunities that came in our minds. Rather than judging these ideas at face value and writing them off as terrible, we were asked to build off each other’s suggestions no matter what our first impressions of them were. This process, even when applied to the situations, yielded dozens of ideas almost every time.Lwazi Ngubane
Lwazi Ngubane
One of the biggest outcomes in taking the NVC course was the immediate improvement in my research and analysis skills as this was a very essential part of the course. Thinking out of the box has also become second nature because that’s what entrepreneurs do. Altogether the course has helped me with problem-solving, conflict management and people skills. One never really knows how much they can tolerate in a room filled with other young opinionated entrepreneurs until you are in the that situation. It takes a great deal of patience and listening skills to sit and listen to other business ideas while you thinking of your own. These sessions have opened my view of the entrepreneurial profile and what it takes to call yourself an entrepreneur. Since the course started I have come up with a number of great business ideas. I have the peace of mind now knowing I can apply the knowledge I have gained through the NVC training to my ideas and see which ones are viable, which ones need tweaking and which ones can actually work.Kimberly Nhlapo
Kimberly Nhlapo
As a participant of LEAP’s New Venture Training Program, I’ve found it very informative and eye opening in terms of entrepreneurship and business as a whole. It reinforces and builds upon some of the basic business principles that one might already know, but presents them in a refreshing, relatable and contextual manner. I was particularly influenced by the strong focus on customer service and will be walking into my new venture as a corporate image consultant with a much more confident stride thanks to LEAP’s New Venture Training Program.Vuyolethu Nqezane
Vuyolethu Nqezane
As a budding entrepreneur, the new venture Creation Course allows me to benchmark and compare (in terms of character traits) myself to some of South Africa’s top entrepreneurs. The course invoked introspection about my character traits and their suitability to entrepreneurship and leadership. It inspired me to change some of my practices and to refine them through changing my habits and inspiring a paradigm shift through discussion with my colleagues.Lebo Mokolobate
Lebo Mokolobate

To register for our next New Venture Creation course or to find out more info

Business World

A lead generation tool for small businesses who want to get more clients and get more exposure.


100 business opportunities and tender notificaitons get posted every day by email or directly to your phone. Register today and increase your online presence with a mini-website.


The Business World provides information on financing options and show where you can apply for and receive the funding you need.

Business Development

Get business resources such a tips and tricks, articles, advice, toolkits, templates, quizzes and other tools to develop your business.

To register as a supplier on the business world click here.

Hours A Day
SMEs Supported Through The Programme
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Average Annual SME Percentage Growth Rate


I recently took my pension and I took a very committed decision to open my own business because I have had a passion to cater the world with the best of vegetable made consumable goods that I hope in the future can be sold at big markets like Fruit and Veggie and Pick n Pay. I am very happy to have spoken to one of The Business World consultants who has been very kind, by assisting me in registering my company on ‘The Business World’ and in general – She is currently also assisting me with funding hubs.
Running a beauty salon part time when you have another full time job is always a stressful exercise, but ever since I registered with the Business World, my business has flourished in a very short time, networking with a lot of clients, buyers and suppliers of different products that are of importance to my business and what makes it good is dealing with BEE compliant companies, allows vendor status invitations to start providing services and constant business.
2015 has been a great year for Multilingual Giant, thanks to TBW for the efficient service and great support team from its consultants. We have increased our clientele base as we connect with a lot of clients who look for services we offer. I was even assisted with a BEE affidavit which makes it easier for us to trade with big businesses all over the country.
I would like to thank the Business World team for their assisting me while I was struggling to register my company on the Business World site –I must say I was a bit sceptic in the beginning when I was told about the free marketing site that would be offering me so much beyond the basic tenders only and all for free; I now am using the site and I have no regrets as I receive emails alerting me of any progress towards my business profile and what more I can benefit and how.
The Business World is a platform which I can describe as the FUTURE. It’s the best online trading platform with a lot of opportunities and through the Business World I have managed to link up with a lot of clients who are looking for the services I offer and with the help of dedicated consultants, especially Bryne Nduru, who is always efficient and prompt to respond to my queries. Service delivery is great and I would recommend anyone to use The Business World any day.