The six tasks you should consider outsourcing

A business owner can today outsource just about anything, but what roles should be done in-house, and what can be subcontracted? LEAP suggests six jobs that can be successfully outsourced.


Unless you are an accounting firm, you should consider outsourcing these tasks. By hiring a specialist you ensure your finances are kept up to date, that everyone gets paid on time, and you avoid last-minute stress during tax season.


A virtual personal assistant will take over a variety of daily or repetitive tasks, freeing up your valuable time. These can include: consolidating and prioritising your correspondence, meeting preparation, dealing with customer service enquiries, scheduling appointments, booking restaurants, making travel plans and invoicing.


website is important as it represents your brand, and while many people can design and build websites, you want someone who can do it right. By outsourcing to an experienced team of designers and developers, you will get a website that looks good, contains the latest technical advancements and leaves your customers with a good user experience.


It’s vital for businesses today to have a social media presence but it’s a time-consuming task. From posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, to regular newsletters and quality blogs, you need a professional writer to develop a content strategy and create relevant content. They are responsible for ensuring your message is consistent, sharable and delivered across all platforms.


HR is an important component of running a successful company, and as you grow in size, so too does your need for a human resources department. They will manage employment contracts and disciplinary procedures, and be able to give appropriate legal employment advice.


When you outsource highly skilled jobs, you can still make use of their knowledge but you won’t be paying them a full-time salary. For example, you can arrange to have a CFO-level person come in to your office monthly or at an arranged time, to provide help and guidance.

There are many benefits to outsourcing; you can cut costs, reduce recruiting time, decrease employee training, and boost productivity. It’s essential, however, that you only outsource non-core functions of your business, and you hire reliable and competent professionals to handle the tasks. Business owners who subcontract work will free up their time to focus on running and growing their business.

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