The tool you need to transform your supply chain

The procurement analysis is particularly useful for procurement managers and their teams, who have the complex job of transforming their supply chain.

The purpose of the procurement analysis is to give you a clear picture of where and with whom you are currently spending money, and where you are scoring B-BBEE points. It is a tool that can be used to help align your procurement strategy, and it can be used to direct your supplier development investment.

The analysis produces a clear report, which highlights the key indicators that are of particular interest to your business. These include your procurement score against target score, a strategic view of your dependence on key suppliers (and exposure to them), spending patterns and possible “red flags”.

The report also points out who the most important contributors are (positive and negative) to your procurement recognition. This suggests where the company needs to either nurture the relationships or pressure the suppliers for improved transformation or, in serious cases, changing suppliers altogether.

The analysis can also be used as a valuable reference point in developing a calculated procurement and Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) strategy. LEAP is experienced in planning, organising and implementing these strategies for clients.

While we acknowledge that ESD investments are mandated as part of the B-BBEE scorecard, LEAP believes that the money should been seen as an investment into building your own business. Whether the goal is to diversify your supply chain and improve procurement points on the scorecard, access new markets, or build capacity in your business, a well-structured ESD programme achieves both the transformation agenda needed in our country and the business goals of a client.

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