Using technology to grow your business

Innovative technology has had a monumental impact on the way companies operate today. Digital technology enables entrepreneurs to work smarter, while the vast number of tools available allow SMEs and start-ups to grow without costs being prohibitive. We look at ten ways that cloud technology can have a significant impact on your business.

In simplistic terms, the cloud is the Internet and you store and access any information through its servers, rather than using your own computer’s hard drive.


By using cloud services you decrease expensive traditional IT infrastructure, such as hardware and software, and you can then reduce your licencing fees and in-house IT support.


Smaller businesses now have access to the type of sophisticated software, programs and technology expertise that were previously restricted to bigger businesses because of high costs.

A business owner has the ability to upscale or downscale with ease – and without costs – depending on how their businesses is growing.


With 24/7 access, working on the cloud is convenient. Your employees can work from anywhere, anytime, provided they have a web-enabled device.


Even when you or your employees are out of the office you can still access the important data you need to carry on working. All that is needed is an Internet connection.


Teamwork is easier through the cloud, especially for a flexible workforce. Documents can be accessed, edited and shared in real-time, and decision making is faster as projects are accessible online.


When changes are made, they are automatically synced across all devices, so the latest version will always be available when you start your web-enabled device.


Companies can store huge amounts of information, including backup files, without it slowing down the hard drives of their own computers, and reducing productivity.


With cloud storage there is no risk of losing data accidentally or if the power goes out. Security services offered through cloud solutions are also often superior to those used by the company itself.


Once a company uses cloud computing suppliers, all the maintenance, software and security updates are done quickly and easily by the supplier, with the advantage that they occur off your premise.
When a business owner embraces innovative technology – like the cloud – they can use these digital and often affordable tools to effectively develop and grow their company.