Enterprise and Supplier Development

Our Enterprise and Supplier Development programmes reach into small businesses, to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. We create customised programmes for each SME, enabling us to create tangible and sustainable impact.

Our bespoke Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) programmes have positively impacted over 500 entrepreneurs in South Africa. We place great emphasis on job creation, revenue and profit growth and overall upskilling of selected entrepreneurs and their teams. Our ESD programmes are tailor-made to the needs of small businesses to deal with relevant issues pertaining to scalability, whether relating to their operations, cash flow or sales. At the same time, we also place great emphasis on optimising supplier delivery to ensure efficiencies and overall quality improvement.

LEAP’s ESD programmes are run on the premise that all interventions are tailor-made to each ESD beneficiary on the programme. We do not run stock standard programmes that develop entrepreneurs for the sake of developing them. We tease out specific business issues as and when they occur and provide necessary assistance.

At LEAP we deploy the right resources to assist ESD beneficiaries, whether this involves a warehouse management company to optimize the space or a civil engineer to assist a construction company with costing systems. Furthermore, we offer access to funding, whether this is through our own funding opportunities or other institutions. Ensuring that the entrepreneurs have access to new markets and business opportunities is another very strong foundation of our programmes.

SME Business Support

LEAP provides SME Business Support Services to small growing businesses to assist them with compliance and secretarial services, bookkeeping, marketing and social media, legal advisory, HR related matters, technical expertise, better purchasing opportunities and lead generation. We ensure that companies can minimise the pressure of non-core related, mundane matters and focus on growing their business. We also assist companies to become finance ready and get access to funding, whether it is for their cash flow or business expansion.

Support Services

  • Access to Markets
  • Access to Business Support
  • Access to Finance

Our Services Include

  • Sourcing and screening beneficiaries
  • Tailored business support for beneficiaries based on budget & strategic importance
  • Verification packs
  • Impact reporting

Our Area of Expertise

Client Strategy

We work with you to craft an Enterprise & Supplier Development strategy that aligns to your current business objectives, whilst aiming to remain within your budget.

SME Acceleration

Your Enterprise and Supplier Development programme will start with a high-level overview of the SME development strategy followed by an onboarding event.

Identification and Selection

Based on a thorough procurement analysis for your business, we source and screen the suppliers you need from our extensive database.

SME 10 Point Healthcheck

Suppliers complete our 10-point SME Health Check, which identifies areas that need attention and provides baseline KPIs to measure their future growth and development.

The Process

Onboarding and Introduction

Onboarding event, SME strategy and high-level introduction to the programme. Giving SMEs a seamless introduction ensuring their success within the programme.

Procurement Analysis

Procurement analysis, collecting and analysing procurement data to form meaningful insights, sourcing and screening and SME 10-point health check.

Small Business Introductory Pack

Company registrations, compliance checks, certification, comprehensive website, and business pack.

On Demand Cloud-based Services

Cloud-based on demand bookkeeping, project management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), meetings, and training.

Providing Administrative Support

My office buddy virtual assistant, which takes care of daily admin activities and enables SMEs to focus and grow their business, access to offices and boardrooms.

On-hand professional services for SMEs

We have access to a range of consultants, each with expert knowledge and a proven track record in their field. Specialist support for legal, finance, HR, and marketing.


At LEAP we prepare ourselves by selecting SMEs/beneficiaries based on strategic views. LEAP provides a variety of business support services to SME entrepreneurs by helping them to acquire new clients and back-office support.

We provide access to markets, advice, and online business support over the phone or online.

Business World

The Business world is a platform where businesses can profile themselves, verify their credentials, find ESD support and be incorporated into supply chains. The Business World connects small businesses with purchasing organisations.

New Venture Creation

New Venture Creation training is a SETA-accredited course that guides and inspires people to start businesses that can be sustained, testing their ideas and turning them into workable solutions, thereby creating more jobs.

Our Approach

Analysis & Assessment

At LEAP we do not take a cookie cutter approach when it comes to mentorship. Our mentorship is individually customised. This starts with an analysis of  you, as the entrepreneur, and your business: – Entrepreneurial scan(E-Scan), – GrowthWheel Analysis provides a 360 view of the business needs and status quo.

Based on the entrepreneurial assessment and business needs analysis LEAP creates a development plan for the business. This plan includes timelines, milestones, and mentorship topics which are necessary for the business to grow.


Implementation is the mentorship and needs specific interventions that are carried out. LEAP has a large database of Specialist and Technical Mentors, who are highly skilled, with years of experience in specific industries and across all aspects of business development and growth.

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